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Sake of the Week, Toko -

Our featured Sake of the Week is Toko Junmai Daiginjo Shizuku. This is brewed by Kojima Sohonten in Yamagata Prefecture.

Founded in 1597, they believe in incremental improvements in technology, and feedback from their staff & customers to improve the quality of their products. 

This sake we are tasting is very exclusively made using the shizuku drip method. It is a labour intensive, low yielding method of collecting sake, using cloth bags to collect drops of sake dripped out naturally.

We are also introducing 3 new Toko sakes on our website this week! Toko Junmai Daiginjo Yamadanishiki, Kojimaya Untitled #2 and Toko Ginjo Plum!

PS: 10% off Toko Sake this week!

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Sake of the Week -

Our featured Sake of the Week is Hideyoshi "Trophy" Junmai Daiginjo. This is brewed by Suzuki Shuzoten in Akita Prefecture.

Founded in 1689 in the northern mountains of Kochi, their products reflect the unique tastes & flavours of their local area. From the use of locally cultivated rice & fresh local water, their goal is to create delicious sakes that respect and care for their local community.


This special sake won the trophy in the Junmai Daiginjo category of the International Wine Challenge 2019. This means that it was the no1 sake out of almost 500 entries in the most heavily contested category!

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Keigetsu, Sake of the Week -

Founded in 1877 in the northern mountains of Kochi, Tosa Brewery used to make mostly table sake for the local community. After Muneki Matsumoto took over as president almost 10 years ago, they quickly started making international award winning Sake!

This sake tries to create a product that showcases the terroir of Kochi. Although not light and dry like typical Kochi Sake, it uses a Kochi-specific sakamai, Ginnoyume, grown in the Aikawa high altitude rice terraces just near the brewery. Cel24 refers to the Kochi developed yeast type that gives a lot of tropical aromas.

PS: 10% off Keigetsu Sake this week!

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Hourai, Sake of the Week -

Our featured Sake of the Week is Hourai Junmai Daiginjo "The Lady Killer" Iro Otoko.

Brewed by Watanabe Shuzo in Hida Town, Gifu Prefecture. The name Iro Otoko translates to Lady Killer. This sake is inspired by male host clubs, with the club hosts wanting a high end sake to serve to female clients. Light melon aromas laced with cream cheese. Complex and structured on the palate with a great depth of flavour that lingers. Elegant, well-textured yet light, with a slight crisp, mineral finish.

Watch our in-house sake sommelier, Grace, perform a re-enactment of how this sake came to be made!

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Kawatsuru, Sake of the Week -

Our featured Sake of the Week is Kawatsuru Junmai Daiginjo Wisdom..

Founded in 1892, the sake name Kawatsuru is named after a river crane, from the time their founder saw a beautiful crane flutter down to the pristine waters of the Saita River.

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