Nihonsakari Co., Ltd. was established in 1889 as Nishinomiya Kigyo Company by those interested in starting a business for the development of Nishinomiya and its industries.
Committed to its quality-first policy, the company had contrived brewing method of high-quality sake with original flavor and aroma.
Consequently it had grown into one of the best brewing companies in Nadagogo area in ten years.
When the enthronement ceremony of the Emperor Taisho was held in 1913, “Nihonsakari” was selected as a purveyor of sake for the Imperial Household.
Today “Souhana” is regularly served at the Imperial Household.

The Nada region located in Hyogo Prefecture faces the inland Sea of Japan, including five sake-brewing villages of Imazu-go, Nishinomiya-go, Uozaki-go, Mikage-go and Nishi-go.
This region has been well known for its original techniques of rice polishing and preparation for sake brewing, making use of the geographical features.
In Nada, the best sake rice is produced, Tamba master brewers who work at its breweries have sophisticated techniques, and Miyamizu Water that is suitable for sake brewing wells up in Nishinomiya City.