For five generations, the Takahashi family has been proudly leading the Kanemasu Brewery.
The Founder Zennosuke Takahashi built Kanemasu Brewery in Niigata City approximately two hundred years ago in 1822.
Zennosuke’s grandson, Unpei Takahashi, moved the brewery to Shibata City. Unpei believed that conditions in Shibata were better for growing rice and brewing sake.
Growing quality rice requires pristine water, and Shibata’s Kajikawa River is our abundant source of crystal clear water.
To create high-quality sake, breweries need four key components: clean water, rice, and two types of microorganisms-yeast and koji-mold.

The Hatsuhana line includes two junmai sakes, which was made with the most flavorful inner sections of milled rice.
The two Hatsuhana sakes are great for celebrating special occasions.
The standard line of sakes, which are perfect for daily enjoyment, includes Blue Crest Kanemasu and Red Crest Kanemasu.
Their sake master adds just the right amount of distilled spirits during the brewing process.