About The Art of Saké

Inter Rice Asia was established in 2008 as a premium saké distributor and ambassador in Singapore. We import high quality Japanese saké directly from the brewery by sourcing and visiting the artisans in Japan. Originally fixated on Niigata Prefecture, the ‘Burgundy’ region in Japan, we continue to expand our extensive portfolio to include boutique saké breweries from other prefectures. We are focus

Meet our Sommeliers

Adrian Goh

Adrian started his journey in Sake in 2013. Fortuitously, he was at the right place at the right time, when Sake started booming outside Japan.

Under the guise of research, he spends 3-4 weeks a year visiting Japan, and currently has been to more than 90 Sake Breweries! He has also visited breweries in Taiwan, Australia, Canada, USA & England.

Adrian frequently conducts talks, seminars, workshop and food pairing events to increase appreciation for not only Japanese Sake, but also its history and culture. He has been a sake judge for IWC Sake (The largest sake competition in the world) for the last 3 years. He won a international award, the Future50 in 2019, stapling him as a professional to watch.

Vincent Zheng

Vincent has been in F&B since 2001, working his way from server to restaurant manager. Interest in alcohol lead him down the mixologist path in 2015, and he was once a rising star in the field. His passion in spirits lead him to explore more about different alcohols, accidentally leading to passion in Japanese Sake. Clad in his signature flower attire, Vincent's warm personality and knowledge of the trade is an asset, and is a pleasure to deal with, and he always adds value to his clients.

Education & Enjoyment

The Art of Saké events include corporate talks, seminars, workshops, food pairing sessions, private classes, curated subscription plans and personal shopping services. Inter Rice Asia has been hosting fortnightly meet ups for the Singapore Saké community, where beginners and connoisseurs alike may come together to partake in the art of saké appreciation of our premium and luxury saké.

Beyond curating brands and types of premium saké to retail and dining outlets, Inter Rice Asia provides non-Japanese restaurants with complete 360° saké solutions including service training, saké profiling and food pairing into their existing menu with sommelier sessions.

On top of saké distribution, we consult and support F&B clients and partners with customer-centric solutions to introduce saké into their beverage menu and equip service staff with saké knowledge.

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