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    Since the founding of Keigetsu in 1877, they have manufactured high quality sake, provided with abundant water and clean air from mountains in nothern Kochi-prefecture (called “Tosa-Reihoku region”).

    Tosa-cho, where our brewery exists, is surrounded with a serene natural environment near the Sameura Lake which is called a water source in Shikoku. From this lake Yoshino river flows through Shikoku to the east. They handmade a small amount of sake which consumers will be satisfied with, using high-quality soft water in this region.

    “Kei” Shore is one of the most renowned sceneries in Japan. When talking about Kochi prefecture, this scenery usually comes first in people's mind. Every year in 15 September, a memorial ceremony is held for the novelist Keigetsu Keigetsu Omachi with Japanese sake offering.

    He was a famous novelist from Meiji era, who loved Japanese sake and travelling in Japan and beyond.

    Tosa brewery shares the name “Keigetsu” with wishes to be the sake remembered by many in Japan and beyond.

    7 products
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