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    Founded back in 1804, Honke Matsuura is the oldest surviving brewery in Tokushima Prefecture. Originally a pirate group from western Kyushu known as the Matsuura Party, a group of them split off and came to live in the Awa domain in the early Edo period where they worked as merchants. Inspired by the luscious lotus fields, elegant flocks of storks and Yamadanishiki rice crop that grows on the slopes of the nearby Sanuki Mountains, the founder turned to the art of sake making.

    It's difficult to miss the iconic red snapper as the brewery’s trademark, but what exactly is the significance of this fish? Naruto City is famous for its sea of Naruto Strait Whirlpools. The sea bream (“TAI” in Japanese) that grow up and swim in the violent tides of these strong whirlpools are widely known as a delicious delicacy. The brewery aims to brew special sake that goes hand-in-hand with sea bream dishes. Hence, the origin of the brand name NARUTOTAI.

    As a brewery in general, their sake can characterised as being rich with umami while striking the ideal balance of umami and acidity.

    6 products
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