Inter Rice Asia – Virtual Sake Event from Sake Pairings with Chocolate and Aged Ham to exclusive Sake Brewery Tour

Inter Rice Asia is rolling out a virtual Sake On-nomi event fortnightly. Combining the words “Online” and “nomimasu (to drink)”, the Sake On-nomi seeks to bring fans of this popular Japanese alcohol together via a Zoom drinking session.

I happened to join their 15th session – Toko’s Virtual Brewery Tour – where we get an exclusive virtual sake brewery tour of Kojima Sohonten (which makes the Toko and Kojimaya Sake brands) in Yamagata.   

Sake Guide: An Introduction to Ginjo, The Delicate & Fruity Sake Style Layered with Complex Flavours

City Nomads | September 2020

Many of us start on our sake journey at Japanese restaurants where “warm” and “cold” sake are the only options. But this fermented rice brew is available in different grades and styles, where factors like how much the rice is milled and whether distilled alcohol is added during the brewing process come into play. In continuation of our series of boozy beverage guides and ahead of World Sake Day on 1 October, we’re delving into Ginjo-shu today – the middle grade sake that’s fragrant, tasty and (usually) friendly on the wallet.

Current Situation of Sake Market in Singapore in light of COVID-19

Vivid Creation | May 2020

The F&B industry in particular is heavily affected by COVID-19. The Japanese Sake market has been steadily growing, with the amount of imports increasing yearly.

Sake Sommelier Adrian Goh from Inter Rice Asia, shared with us some of the efforts and market forecasts in light of this situation. 


その中で、年々日本からの輸入金額が増え、シンガポールで着実に人気が高まっている日本酒市場に関して、日本酒輸入代理店Inter Rice Asia の Adrian Goh氏に、コロナ禍のシンガポールの日本酒市場の現状、現在の取り組み、市場予測について、お話を伺いました。

Journeying into the F&B and Sake Industry

One&Co | April 2020

After a recent panel discussion for Japanese Companies looking to expand into Singapore. I was invited for a casual interview with Leia Teo of One&Co Singapore. 

While most beers are casual and meant for easy drinking, craft beers carry a certain sort of artisan appeal. On the other hand, when Japanese whisky started to get the spotlight, people started taking note of the quality of the Japanese alcohol. The Japanese seem to represent the epitome of Craft. Japanese Sake also seems to rest right in the middle of the craft alcohol and Japanese alcohol boom.

Ultimate Guide to Online Alcohol Delivery Services in Singapore

Spirited Singapore | April 2020

One of the earliest sake distributors in Singapore, Inter Rice Asia has an extensive portfolio of premium Japanese sake covering almost all sake-producing prefectures, as well as other alcoholic beverages.

5 sake delivery services in Singapore we love

SG Magazine | April 2020

The stalwart of Singapore's sake scene, Inter Rice is easily the place to go to for serious sake buyers. Their stock is vast, they've got everything from aged sake to nama (unpasteurised) sake, unfiltered ones to treasured 1.8L bottlings. Whatever your preference is, they've probably got it. Free next-day delivery for orders above $250.

Where to buy Sake in Singapore: Online Retailers & Physical Stores for some of Japan's best Nihonshu

City Nomads | April 2020

In Singapore, many of us are intimately acquainted with beers, wines, and cocktails. But what about Japanese sake? Made from fermented rice that’s been polished to remove the bran, it’s often referred to as nihonshu in Japan to distinguish it from other categories of alcohol. The oldest sake brewery dates all the way back to the 15th century, and the drink continuing to be Japan’s national beverage till today. Here’s where to get a bottle for your next sushi party!

What You Need to Know before Becoming a Successful Japanese F&B Distributor

One & Co | March 2020

Supporting JETRO's program to support Japanese SMEs looking to expand to Singapore. Adrian Goh was there as a panelist to discuss introducing Japanese products to Singapore

Future 50 Award

WSET & IWSC | November 2019

Adrian Goh given the Future 50 award from WSET and IWSC.

The Future 50 have been identified as the wine, spirit and sake industry’s up-and-coming young professionals from all areas of the trade who have made a significant contribution in the last three years in a range of areas including, career, academia, social responsibility and innovation.

There were more than 600 nominations for the first round, a longlist of professionals working as winemakers and distillers, in product development, design and distribution, marketing, journalism, hospitality and everything in between. Choosing the winners was an exhaustive two stage vetting process using the knowledge and authority of an illustrious panel of expert judges from around the world.

Raising Chinese Spirits - Made-in-China wine, baijiu and sake aim at the Singapore market

Business Times | October 2019

Quoted on an article in Business Times regarding Sake from China.

When to Enjoy Hot or Cold Sake

Keyyes | August 2019

Sharing about drinking sake at different temperatures

Pairing Imayotsukasa Junmai Daiginjo with Soft Cheese 

Epicure Magazine | March 2019

Japanese Sake Market in Singapore and Sake Matsuri Spring 2019 

938Now | March 2019

Radio Interview with Charlotte Mei on 938now talking about Japanese Sake Market in Singapore and Sake Matsuri Spring 2019.
Sake Radio Interview Charlotte Mei

Great Buys at ST Wine Fair

Straits Times | July 2018

Senkin Modern Omachi and Hideyoshi Daiginjo advertised as great buys at the ST Wine Fair.

An Indian man from Singapore has been crowned the sake sommelier of the year | June 2018

Quote on Sake Growth in Singapore on Coconuts Singapore

Savvy Way to Drink Sake

Straits Times | May 2018

Feature on Kamoizumi Shusen, Keigetsu John Sparkling, Senkin Modern Muku, Kiminoi Junmai Daiginjo Yamahai and Imayotsukasa Koi Nishikigoi on Straits Times. 

The Art of Saké | May 2018

Write on Sharing the joys of sake on

The Rice Is Right | January 2018

Drinking with the Parched team at Kimoto Gastrobar

How to Drink Sake like the Japanese 

 SG Magazine | April 2017

Teaching SG Magazine about why to use wine glasses to drink sake

Adrian Goh, Marketing Director of Inter Rice Asia | Asian Entrepreneur

The Asian Entrepreneur | July 2016

An interview with Adrian Goh on