Gozenshu Brewery (Tsuji Honten Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1804 in Katsuyama, Okayama by Yahei Tsuji, originally a mercer who ventured into brewing business.
Gozenshu’s sake was initially sold under “Man Etsu” (萬悦) brand, however it was later changed to the current name after the sake was purveyed to the Lord Miura, the ruler of the locality in the mid to late Edo period.
Katsuyama is located in the region of Mimasaka (an old name for the northern Okayama) which had been long known as “Umasake no Kuni” (literally translated as “the country of fine brew”.)

With its chilly climate coupled with fine ground water and good sake-rice, Katsuyama bears an ideal environment for sake-making.
Indeed, such regional benefits helped form Gozenshu’s motto: “Being responsible for making the finest sake with locally-sourced rice, water and true local craftsmanship.”
Over generations, the philosophy has always inspired the brewers to strive for making the best sake without any compromise.
Gozenshu’s sake embodies a clear-cut taste contrary to the sake produced in the southern part of Okayama.
While the sake in the south tastes relatively sweet, Gozenshu’s clear-cut taste is what our local drinkers have asked for, largely due to the cold winter they have to endure.