Ayu Masamune

Ayu Masamune Shuzo was founded in 1875. Located in the city of Myoko, in Niigata Prefecture, opposite of Nagano prefectural border.

Natural spring water is one of the natural raw material for making Ayu Masamune sake. Sake nurtured by the natural spring water produces a soft taste in the mouth. Upon drinking, the sweetness can be immediately tasted, but soon disappears...

In Myoko Saruhashi district, Ayu Masamune Shuzo is graced with a land of heavy snowfall in Niigata Prefecture. Ayu Masamune sake is comfortably stored within the wine cellar, surrounded by deep snow of two meters. The temperature is kept at about 5 degrees, delicate care and attention is required to provide a stable environment for the sake nurture.