Sake of the Week #2 - Emperor's Sake Set

Nihonsakari, Sake of the Week -

Sake of the Week #2 - Emperor's Sake Set

Nihonsakari Emperor's Set is our Sake of the Week!

Purchase 1 bottle of Nihonsakari Souhana Junmai Daiginjo, Souhana Junmai Ginjo, and Junmai Daiginjo Namazake, and get 1 complimentary Nihonsakari Can Sake Set.

You can purchase this set at

Brewery Introduction

Nihonsakari was established in 1889 as Nishinomiya Kigyo Company, committed to its quality-first policy, the company had maintained brewing method of high-quality sake with original flavours and aromas. It was the first Sake Corporation when all other breweries were family owned.

When the enthronement ceremony of the Emperor Taisho was held in 1913, “Nihonsakari” was selected as a purveyor of sake for the Imperial Household. Today “Souhana” is regularly served at the Imperial Household.


About Souhana

The meaning of SOUHANA is “providing all the people with blissful love”.

This Souhana Junmai Ginjo was used as the coronation sake for 3 different Emperors. The design and label is still very striking. It is a big part of history, and is still holds up strong today! The Souhana Junmai Daiginjo is the spiritual successor of the Junmai Ginjo.

For the Emperor Reiwa’s coronation in 2018, They decided to update the Souhana, Its been over a hundred years after all! It now comes in a sleek black colour scheme, and the rice used to make this sake is now polished to 38%.

For more about Nihonsakari Sake Brewery, visit

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