Kikuchi Shuzo has been brewing sake the traditional style since 1878. Their mastery of using Okayama's signature rice, Omachi, has been the product of obsessive production control and desire to brew the best.
Its current Toji, Tou Kikuchi, still believes the perfect brew is out there somewhere; and still strives for it.

In the ancient text “Harima Fudoki” from the Nara period (8th century), Okayama is noted as the birthplace of sake.
A high level of craftsmanship for brewing delicious sake has been fostered in this area, historically and currently.
And, Omachi rice, which is the best rice suitable for sake production, was discovered and developed in the Okayama area over 100 years ago.
Okayama sake made from Omachi rice is fragrant and has a mellow taste.