Imayotsukasa "IMA" Oyster Junmai

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Polishing Ratio 65%
Rice Type
Gohyaku mangoku
Imayotsukasa Shuzo



Produced after 3 years of R&D to pair with oysters, using a special strain of yeast to create higher levels of malic acid. This creates a juicy acidity to lighten the palate after having oysters. The sweetness of the sake creates a denser, bolder flavor to match the taste of oysters too.


A modern style of sake meant for pairing with western food. It is a good replacement for food traditionally paired with white wine.




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Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product
a basket of apples, lemons, limes and starfruit

I've been shucking oysters aplenty recently so I decided to put this bottle to the test. As the name suggests, this sake was developed to pair with oysters, having a richer, more umami structure and higher levels of malic acids using a special yeast strain. ⠀ On the nose, a basket of apples, lemons, limes and starfruit greet prominently and loudly. I must admit this was not what I expected, which was quite a pleasant surprise. ⠀ ⠀ The palate is tart, bright and citrussy with high levels of acidity as follows from the nose, with a deep mineral aroma like rainwater and green apples for slight sweetness amongst the sour. The structure is clearly presented with good body and umami overall. ⠀ ⠀ The finish was of medium length, with gradually fading acidity, and slight dryness and astringency to clean up any remainders on the palate. ⠀ ⠀ Now to answer the question - does this pair with oysters? I had tried this amongst a selection of oysters from Canada and Japan. The sake pairs well with oysters in general, but better with creamy oysters than briny varieties, but, I must mention that oyster liquor chased with this sake was really such a dream.⠀ ⠀ That being said, the choice of condiments is the variable factor that affects this pairing the most. For instance, Tobasco and lemon made the whole experience too clean, and too full of acidity, whereas an oyster cocktail sauce, salsa verde or ponzu really works perfectly with this sake! ⠀ ⠀ On the cooked end of things, whilst I didn't have the chance to grill or bake any of those bad boys, teppanyaki oysters and fried oysters do pair very well with this sake. ⠀ ⠀ Not a fan of oysters? Fear not. This sake worked well with crab salad, cocktail prawns, butter garlic clams, baked mussels with cheese and octopus carpaccio. I'm starting to think I might be cooking too much. ⠀

Inter Rice Asia Imayotsukasa IMA Oyster Junmai Review
Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product
perfectly with sio bak and char siew

IMA went perfectly with dinner, cutting through the sweet and savoury sio bak and char siew with its delicate acidity

Inter Rice Asia Imayotsukasa IMA Oyster Junmai Review
August O.
Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product
Great with Oysters!

Great with Oysters!

Inter Rice Asia Imayotsukasa IMA Oyster Junmai Review