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    The kanji for Junmai is 纯米 and it translates to "pure rice".

    This sake is naturally brewed without alcohol added in the process - just simply rice, yeast and water. There is no specific polishing ratio for Junmai sake, althought it is usually under 70%

    Junmai sake generally has a slight acidic taste and is usually full-bodied. Junmai sake is great paired with food, so it is highly recommended for dinner time!
    20 products
    Gozenshu Junmai 1859 Bodaimoto
    Gozenshu Junmai 1859 Nama Bodaimoto
    Gozenshu Junmai Nigori Bodaimoto
    Imayotsukasa "IMA" Oyster Junmai
    Imayotsukasa Junmai
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    Imayotsukasa Junmai Black
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    Kamoizumi Aged Junmai Ginjo Sachi
    Rock Hopper Label
    Kamoizumi Junmai Ginjo Namagenshu Rockhopper
    Kamoizumi Junmai Hajime
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    Kawatsuru Junmai Oidemai
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    Keigetsu Aikawa-Homare Junmai Yamahai
    Manotsuru Junmai Sakura
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    Sanzen Tokubetsu Junmai Omachi
    Gozenshu Haccos 2022 Junmai Muroka Nama
    Lagoon Junmai Sho-ku Koshi-Hikari R302
    Lagoon Sho-ku “Ascend” SAKE Margherita R403
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    Nito Junmai Yamadanishiki 65
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    Nito Junmai Yamadanishiki 65 Nama
    Lagoon Junmai Sho-ku Takanenishiki R309
    Lagoon Junmai Sho-ku Kamenoo R301
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