Senjo Junmai Daiginjo Full Moon

Senjo Junmai Daiginjo Full Moon

Senjo Junmai Daiginjo Full Moon

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"On a night like this..." limited edition series 5/5. Complex and rich. A poetic Junmai Daiginjo made in the concept of Full Moon. This sake is brewed using "Sankeinishiki", a local sake rice from Nagano Prefecture, it is clean and well-balanced.

Made using a new strain of sakamai, Sankeinishiki. Very clean and balanced. Mild and smooth taste. Natural and elegant aroma. It shows a full structure in the middle, with hints of apple and earthiness.

Pairs well with dishes with simple flavours such as steamed chicken.

Grade Junmai Daiginjo
Polishing Ratio 40%
Rice Type Sankeinishiki
Alcohol 16%
Prefecture Nagano
Brewery Senjo


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