Imanishiki Junmai Ginjo Miyamanishiki

Imanishiki Junmai Ginjo Miyamanishiki

Imanishiki Junmai Ginjo Miyamanishiki

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This sake has a fresh ginjo aroma that spreads throughout your mouth and makes you think of citrus fruits. The sake has a typical junmai ginjo umami body with a balanced acidity. Not only is the rice and water used from Nagano Prefecture, but the yeast was also made in Nagano, making it an all-Nagano sake.

Brewed with Nagano Sake Rice and Yeast. Notes of ripe red apple, Stone fruit, melon & plums. Lovely elegant perfumed notes, a citrus palate with a pleasant bitterness and saltiness.

Grade Junmai Ginjo
Polishing Ratio 55%
Rice Type Miyamanishiki
Alcohol 16%
Prefecture Nagano
Brewery Yonezawa Brewery
  • Fine Sake Awards 2024 - Grand Gold
  • IWC Sake 2023 - Gold
  • London Sake Challenge 2020 - Gold
  • Sake Selection 2018 - Platinum
  • IWC Sake 2016 2024 - Silver
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