Daishichi Kimoto Umeshu

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Very delicate plum liqueur on the basis of Kimoto sake, with a long finish; the refreshing alcohol wonderfully orchestrates the soft sweetness and the elegant acidity.

Kimoto Umeshu is Daishichi’s first plum liqueur. In order to secure a constant, ample supply of high-quality Japanese plums (ume), they opted for large Nanko plums from the major plum growing area in Wakayama prefecture. Instead of the distilled liquor generally in use,it was decided to make the liqueur with sake – and that sake of course had to be kimoto sake. After neutrally testing various types of sake, we selected stock of Junmai Kimoto, the epitome of umami. This umami gently envelops the sourness of the plums, creating a mellow harmony.

Grade Umeshu
Polishing Ratio N/A
Rice Type N/A
Alcohol 12%
Prefacture Fukushima
Brewery Daishichi Sake Brewery Co Ltd

An unrivaled plum liqueur of the highest quality, with a rich, mellow flavor and velvety smoothness. Pairs well with appetizers; main dishes like sweet-and-sour pork with black rice vinegar and desserts containing chocolate, or with a variety of cheeses.

  • Gold award at the “13 Feminalise Wine Concours”
  • First place for 4 consecutive years at the tasting competition “Wa-liqueur”
  • Platinum award in the category “Liqueur recommended to women” at the “Great Jizake Show” 2008
  • Platinum award in the category “Authentic liqueur recommended to connoisseurs” at the “Great Jizake Show” 2009
  • Platinum award in the category “The very liqueur recommended to women” at the “Great Jizake Show” 2010