Daishichi Junmai Ginjo Masakura

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This traditional kimoto-brewed junmai ginjo sake has a discreet fragrance that conjures up the essence of early spring. It is perfectly blended to give a well rounded creamy flavor that is almost silky-rich. Masakura is a comforting, fresh-tasting sake with a mild flavor that is beautifully accomplished, evoking the pervading sense of calm found in a forest.

While basically being a ginjo, it has a richness and maturity typical for junmai made with the kimoto method, and there is a wide range of ways to drink it, from cold to warm. Also as regards food pairings, it is an almighty sake that fits to the whole meal

Grade Junmai Ginjo
Polishing Ratio Ultra-flat 58%
Rice Type Gohyakumangoku
Alcohol 15%
Prefacture Fukushima
Brewery Daishichi Sake Brewery Co Ltd

Chill to around 12-15 degrees C. If you can also try serving it gently warmed. Its gentle sweetness perfectly matches dishes with a creamy, sweet profile.

Great for dim sum, raw oysters, temperature, risotto.

Daishichi only uses the Kimoto method to brew sake. The method makes use of the struggle for survival of natural microbes, a complex process for which high skill is necessary and which takes three times longer than normal. The brewery is also a pioneer in flat rice polishing. Normal rice polishing usually wastes starch on the long axis, and the a flat rice polishing ratio of 51% is equal to a normal rice polish of 34%