On-nomi for our new sake brewery: Dewazakura

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We at Inter Rice Asia are proud to announce that we have secured a new brewery to Singapore, the famous Dewazakura from Yamagata.

To launch this sake brewery in Singapore, we are going to organise an on-nomi on 15 April 2020 to taste this Sake together!

Well, in Japan, there's now a word for that: on-nomi, which literally translates to ‘online drinking’. This trend in Japan sees groups of friends hop on a video chat to drink together virtually while in isolation – no worries about spreading or contracting the coronavirus.

We will be using the Zoom Video Conference app. We will be announcing the chatroom for Participants the day before the event! For non-participants, don't fret, we will also be covering this tasting on our Facebook Live and our Instagram Page! 


The event will start at 8pm on 15 April 2020. The room will launch at 7:45pm for networking. We will limit the on-nomi to 15 participants. To join, please purchase our Dewazakura Tasting Set at our website.

We will package 5x80ml vials of each of the 5 sakes at $38, and deliver it on the day of the tasting! You may also purchase the Full Dewazakura Set at $298. This includes 5x720ml bottles! Please purchase your tastings sets at https://theartofsake.com/products/dewazakura-tasting-set.

We will sms/whatsapp you the zoom meeting room on the day of the meeting!

See you for The Art of Sake's first On-nomi!


Founded in 1892, Dewasakura is often mentioned as a personal favourite sake of many sake sommeliers, it is long overdue to be properly introduced into Singapore. Indeed, I've seen many friends in Singapore with the Dewazakura Uniqlo T-shirt!

Dewazakura Junmai

Dewazakura is a darling at various Sake Competitions, amongst our portfolio there are 3 IWC Sake Trophies, 1 Gold Prize and also 1 IWC Champion Sake. That means that Dewazakura Junmai Dewanosato was the No.1 Sake in all categories in the IWC Competition 2016. Dewazukura was also declared IWC Brewery of the Decade in 2016.


Please view the full listing for Dewazakura at https://theartofsake.com/collections/dewazakura-sake-brewery


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    Was too late this time. Do another day!

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