March 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle

March 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle

March 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle

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Did you know there's such a thing as dry and wet moon?

The terms wet moon and dry moon originate from Hawaiian mythology, where it was thought that the moon appeared as a bowl which would fill up with rain. The period where this is most common, January 20 - February 18, corresponds with Kaelo the Water Bearer in Hawaiian astrology and makes the moon known as the "Dripping wet moon". As the year passes into summer, the crescent shape shifts, pouring out the water and causing the summer rains. After the "bowl" empties, it dries out and rights itself, creating the "dry moon".

In winter the moon is a more parallel with the horizon, like a U, and you can picture it being able to fill up with water - just like the crescent in the Oku Junmai Ginjo. The Winter moon is also called a Cheshire moon – because it looks like Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire cat’s smile, and also the wet moonbecause it looks like a bowl which could fill up with the rain of winter.

By contrast, a dry moon is one where the crescent of the moon is at any other angle. And the bottle representing this lunar phase is the Toko Junmai Daiginjo Karakuchi (to newcomers and sake beginners, karakuchi means dry in sake).

  1. Toko Junmai Daiginjo Karakuchi (U.P. $88): The characteristic of Dewakirari – cleanness and slight hardness, is brought out the most in the sake. This sake is particularly clear and dry even among the other Karakuchi Junmai Daiginjo in the market. Its joyful fragrance like young melons spreads in your mouth and leads to a dry, smooth aftertaste.
  2. Oku Junmai Ginjo “The Crescent Moon” (U.P. $69): 1/3 of Concept Workers x Oku "The Moon" series. Japanese pear, deep and gentle reminiscent of melon scent. Round, attractive and thick mouthfeel. Pleasant taste due to aging.


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