Ishizuchi Junmai Ginjo Yamadanishiki

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Junmai Ginjo Sake made from 100% special Yamada Nishiki produced in Hyogo prefecture, with a fresh aroma reminiscent of pears and apples, and a deep taste and flow peculiar to Yamada Nishiki, with a strong acidity.
Grade Junmai Ginjo
Polishing Ratio 50%
Rice Type Yamadanishiki (100%)
Alcohol 16%
Prefacture Ehime
Brewery Ishizuchi Sake Brewery
medium dry SMV label
It has a mild aroma, but is very flavourful. It improves with a bit of decanting.
  • IWC Sake 2022 - Silver
  • Fine Sake Awards 2020 - Gold
  • Kura Master 2020 - Gold