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Tsuji Honten

Tsuji Honten brewery started in 1804 in the ridiculously picturesque country town of Katsuyama in Okayama prefecture. Their brand name “Gozenshu” was coined when they become the official sake makers for the local lord later in the 1800’s. “Gozenshu” literally translates as ‘Sake for the Lord’, but more appropriately (and way cooler) as “Gentleman Sake” (perhaps a special release name for Melbourne Sake in the making). They have been family owned ever since, with Maiko being the first family member to take on the responsibility of brewing and her brother, Soichiro, taking care of the business side of things.

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Ayumasamune, Female Brewer/Owner, Gozenshu, Kawatsuru, Manotsuru, Warehouse Sale -

Due to current climate of Covid-19, we have had to cancel many sake events, including Sake Matsuri Spring 2020. As such we decide to push our Spring Sake Warehouse Sale online!

In conjunction with International Women's Day on March 8th, we decide to focus our theme this Warehouse sale to Sake Breweries with strong Female influences!

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