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For the 24th theartofsake Sake On-nomi, we are doing a brewery highlight on the well-loved Watanabe Brewery.  Hourai is known in the sake community for its unique ways of naming their sake (e.g. Lady Killer, Ultra Super Sadistic) and designing their labels. The 5 Hourai sakes featured in this upcoming Sake Onnomi, such as the Junmai Daiginjo Cho Do S, and Chogin Shizuku Daiginjo, are some of the most coveted and awarded sake in the market. These are sake people dream about, and you’ll be able to try them all at just $68. Watanabe Sake Brewery is registered as a Tangible...

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DETAILS We are excited to announce that we would be running "Find the Golden Koi" CNY Special Event! Do you think you're "huat" enough to win the Imayotsuka Golden Koi? What's so special about the Imayotsukasa Gold Koi Nishikigoi?1) It's super exclusive, only 84 bottles produced this year, worldwide.2) We only managed to get our hands on 6 bottles, one of which we are using for this event. 3) The pottery bottle is dunked in pure gold.4) the box which holds the bottle is made of handcrafted Paulownia wood. 5) The characteristics of the sake are kept secret, reserved for those priveleged to...

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