Makers & Shakers: Adrian Goh, Director of Inter Rice Asia

It has definitely been a journey, with both costly mistakes and some great stories.

Adrian's recently been featured in Spirited Singapore's 5th edition of Makers & Shakers!

With an illustrious portfolio featuring esteemed Japanese sake labels and a penchant for hosting sake pairing events, Adrian's influence extends far beyond the confines of what we do here at The Art of Sake

In an insightful conversation, Adrian shares his journey into the sake world, driven by a passion for Japanese cuisine and a desire to explore an industry ripe with potential. From navigating the nuances of sake selection to spearheading educational initiatives, Adrian's expertise shines through.

Delving into the intricacies of sake tasting, Adrian emphasises the importance of balance and harmony, elevating the appreciation of this traditional Japanese beverage to new heights.
As Singapore's sake scene continues to thrive, Adrian attributes its growth to several factors, including evolving culinary trends and a global resurgence of interest in craft beverages. With sake competitions gaining prominence and a surge in education initiatives, the future of sake looks promising. Looking ahead, he anticipates a wave of innovation in sake production, driven by a renewed focus on regional authenticity and experimentation. As a culinary explorer, Adrian relishes the diverse dining experiences Singapore has to offer while championing the symbiotic relationship between food and sake.

Intrigued by Adrian's insights? Dive deeper into his captivating journey and the evolving world of sake in our exclusive interview with one of Singapore's foremost sake experts here.

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