Sake of the Week #7 - Hideyoshi Junmai Daiginjo

Our featured Sake of the Week is Hideyoshi "Trophy" Junmai Daiginjo. This is brewed by Suzuki Shuzoten in Akita Prefecture.

Founded in 1689 in the northern mountains of Kochi, their products reflect the unique tastes & flavours of their local area. From the use of locally cultivated rice & fresh local water, their goal is to create delicious sakes that respect and care for their local community.

In the Houreki Era (1751-1764) the feudal lord of Akita, Lord Satake, praised the brewery’s sake by giving it the name Hideyoshi which translated means “Extremely Good!”. Lord Satake made Hideyoshi Sake the official sake of his house. 

This special sake we are tasting today is of great pedigree. It won the trophy in the Junmai Daiginjo category of the International Wine Challenge 2019. This means that it was the no1 sake out of almost 500 entries in the most heavily contested category!


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