36 Guardians

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    In the Middle Ages, while protecting a princess who had been chased out of the eastern provinces, the 36 vassals crossed the mountains and arrived at the Shonai Plain. There, they found peace, put down roots, and the town was born. Hundreds of years have passed since then, while the town has flourished as a lucrative region in the northern part of Japan. The brewers of the 36 Guardians sake are native to Shonai. Their straightforward temperament exudes patience and humbleness in a spiritual climate known to the region. Our sake possesses an undiscovered calm and boldness, inherited from the Middle Ages.

    6 products
    36 Guardians Junmai Daiginjo Sui-ten
    36 Guardians Junmai So-ten
    36 Guardians Junmai Cho Karakuchi Gyo-ten
    36 Guardians Daiginjo Sake Lees Shochu Haku-u
    36 Guardians Obako Umeshu Haruhime
    36 Guardians Daiginjo Hi-ten
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