Echizen Misaki

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    Echizen Misaki is the expression of current owner, Tanabe Kuniaki and the former Toji, Takagi Miyoshi's enthusiasm for sake brewing.

    Takagi transferred the local major brewery to Tanabe with production of 300 koku per year. Tanabe's wish to produce sake in small quantities with special care that is loved by the local people. This allows Echizen Misaki to create a higher grading sake and continued the tradtions of Nanbu-style sake brewing.

    The Echizen Cape (Echizen-Misaki) is the scenic spot on Echizen Coast, is famous for the beautiful prefecture flower of Fukui, narcissus. This flower blooms on the slope of the mountains in winter.

    The name Echizen Misaki is their wish to devote their tireless sake brewing to the narcissus flowers standing tall in strong winds and rough sea of Japan.

    Echizen Misaki
    Echizen Misaki
    4 products
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