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    Saijo, renowned as a leading sake-brewing district in Hiroshima Prefecture, hosts many long-established breweries, among which Kamoizumi Shuzo Co., Ltd. is a relatively new establishment.

    It is still fairly old,having been founded in 1912, and it marks its 102nd anniversary this year. Carbon filtration is not employed in the brewing process of most Kamoizumi sake products which resulted in a slightly yellow-colored Kamoizumi Junmai Ginjo Shusen, Honjikomi is characterized by a tart, full-bodied, rich flavor.

    Always being mindful of using high-quality sake rice, the Kamoizumi brewery has made strenuous efforts to gain cooperation from local farmers in growing “Yamada Nishiki,” the most suitable rice for its sake brewing.

    The brewery has also focused on various initiatives with local residents, so that the production of junmai-shu contributes to increased rice consumption, thereby helping the livelihoods of local rice farmers.

    The Kamoizumi brewery, which focused on the rebirth and spreading of traditional junmai-shu for a long period of time, is determined to continue taking special care with the production of rich-tasting sake, that reminds drinkers of what authentic Japanese sake should taste like.

    4 products
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