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    Toko has been continually operated since 1597, during the Azuchi Momoyama period.

    Their sake is brewed in Kojima Sohonten which later became the purveyor to the Uesugi Family. They always give our best to pursue first-class quality and deliver to our customers a culturally rich and refined experience. Kojima Sohonten focused on their treasure, rice and water - nature’s gift - and aims to make sake that reflects this gift.

    They value their craftsmanship through brewing with quality natural ingredients and microorganisms which required an experienced brewer’s eye and deftness of hand. The goal is to be a world-class brewery and they actively make improvements and innovations through customer feedback and research.

    Recent change includes becoming an all Junmai brewery which removes distilled alcohol in their brewing process.

    9 products
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    Toko Junmai Daiginjo Shizuku Visual Xmas
    Toko Junmai Daiginjo Shizuku
    Toko Junmai Ginjo Genshu
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    Kojimaya Untitled #01
    Toko Junmai Daiginjo
    Toko Yamakawamitsuo 2023 Autumn
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    Toko Gentei Junmai Ginjo Hiyaoroshi
    Toko Junmai Daiginjo Fukuro-tsuri Juuhachi
    Toko with Green Junmai
    Toko Junmai Daiginjo Aigamo Farmed
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