IRA Sake On-nomi #5 - Sake Blind Tasting

Thank you all for participating in last night's Sake Blind Tasting, not as easy as it seems ya? :D

For those who missed it and want to know the order of the Sakes, 

1. Kawatsuru Jotoshu Yamadanishiki Table Sake A
2. Senkin Modern Muku Junmai Daiginjo D   
3. Dewazakura Junmai Dewanosato (IWC Champion 2016) E
4. Hideyoshi Junmai Daiginjo (IWC Trophy 2019) C
5. Gozenshu Junmai 1859 Omachi x Bodaimoto B

So all these sakes will be on 10% discount until Friday 2359, 12 June 2020. Till next time, Kanpai!'s next zoom on-nomi will be happening on the 10th June 2020.

This will be our 5th online sake tasting session and we will be doing a sake blind tasting! Blind tasting is a very important element of learning about any alcohol. It is fun for beginners to understand what Sakes they enjoy more, without any bias from the sake label. 

We have 5 x Sake in a vertical tasting flight. For obvious reasons, we cannot sell the discounted full bottle sets beforehand, but we will launch it for people who are interested immediately after the blind tasting event.

The event will start at 8pm on 10th June 2020. The room will launch at 7:45pm for networking. We will limit the on-nomi to 30 participants. To join, please purchase our Tasting Set at our website.

We will package the 5x80ml vials at $38, and deliver it on the day of the tasting. You may also purchase the individual bottles at a special price after the event. 

We will SMS/Whatsapp you the Zoom meeting room on the day before the meeting! Meeting details will also be included in the tasting sets together with the Sake Details and Tasting notes.

Note: the tasting sets will only be sent out during the late afternoon of the event. We will bottle the samples that day to keep it as fresh as possible.

See you!

Blind Tasting Format

  • You will receive the 5 Sake Sample bottles, together with the tasting sheet which will contain space for you to write your notes. You will also receive 5 different cards, with some details about each sample. 

  • We will start the blind tasting with a short talk about the the different grades of sake, and also a run through on how to taste sake the 'proper' way.

  • We will do a guided taste through each sake one by one. For this format, participants are encouraged to share their own observations for each sake.

  • After each tasting, participants will match the card to the sake. 

We will now private message participants the Zoom Room and Password when you order your tasting set. The online room ID will also be printed on the tasting sheet.

If you cannot wait for the sake onnomi, I also run a casual sake mondays nomikai on my facebook community group. go to for more info!

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