Sake of the Week #1 - Imayotsukasa Nishikigoi

Niigata is known as the birthplace for Nishikigoi, or the Coloured Carp. These beautiful fish are bred as ornamental fish, and are famous for their beautiful colours, patterns and their elegance. With its environmental advantages like rich soil, and clean water, Niigata is famous not only for Koi, but also arguably the best rice, and the best sake in Japan.

The Ojiya and Yamakoshi areas in Niigata are considered the birthplace of Koi. The only Nishikigoi Theme Park in the world is found in Ojiya City. Often, the carp ponds are scattered around the different tiered rice terraces, creating amazing views.


    For this sake, the rice used in making it and the polishing rate are kept secret. The brewery owner's intent is to allow one's sense of smell and taste to be surprised, appreciating its flavour and aroma without any prior bias towards it. Suffice to say, this is a Junmai Daiginjo grade sake, and apart from winning numerous Design awards, it has also won an International Wine Challenge Silver Award, so it is no slouch in the flavour department!

    During this period of exhibition, we will be offering this beautiful product for sale at an discount of 15%. Furthermore, if you buy 3 bottles, you will get a complimentary set of 6 Schott Zweisel Limited Edition Sake Glasses worth $158!


    It’s not often you can say a product is incomplete without its packaging. But feast your eyes on this gorgeous presentation of Nishikigoi saké, whose name is Japanese for the colorful koi fish. A simple-yet-distinctive die-cut window in the box designed by Bullet Inc. transforms an already beautiful red-on-white bottle within into an intriguing three-dimensional imitation of the saké’s namesake fish.
    “Because ‘Koi’ has a unique bottle appearance it is able to appeal to the people who don’t drink saké much,” says Bullet Inc. Art Director Aya Codama, before adding, “Of course saké lovers are also our main targets.”
    Of course Japanese artisans are known the world over for their keen attention to detail, and that reputation is reflected wonderfully here. The “Koi” saké, produced by the Imayotsukasa Saké Brewery in Niigata, is distributed in a bottle artfully crafted by the Yamaharu Glass Co. The distinctive red-on-white pattern mimics that of the kohaku variety of koi, which is probably the best known in North America. Even the stopper seal boasts a little artistic flourish: a gold foil fish silhouette.


    Postponed Event due to Covid-19 

    Top Design Asia is planning an exhibition called "Hungry Design" at the National Design Centre Singapore from April 10 to May 17, 2020. 

    "HUNGRY DESIGN implies two things: having a strong desire for food, and/or craving for something else. This theme is familiar to all of us, as both food and design have a strong connection to our lives, and are one of the important foundations of social interactions. As professionals create new ways and solutions to revamp the F&B market, we explore the potential of packaging: to reinvent the way we see food and design, and deliver a new authentic experience – with delectable taste and a great story to tell. This exhibition showcases more than one hundred outstanding F&B packaging design from Topawards Asia’s winners. By sharing these works, we offer visitors a glimpse into the myriad possibilities told through a packaging’s appearance, creativity, form, functionality and materiality."

    National Design Centre Atrium Level 1

    111 Middle Rd, Singapore 188969

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