Sakari Gin

Sakari Gin
Sakari Gin

Sakari Gin

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Botanicals Juniper Berries, Yuzu Juice, Sake Kasu, Sakura Flower Petal, Japanese Cedar, Japanese Perilla, Japanese Cypress, Japanese Pepper
Alcohol 41.0%
Prefecture Hyogo
Brewery Nihonsakari Co. Ltd

A Japanese Craft Gin with a sake soul!

Distilling 130 years of brewing tradition, Sakari Gin brings together the distinctive flavour of sake and the aromas of selected Japanese botanicals, for a perfect tasting experience in a 700ml bottle.

How do you bring the rich flavors and aromas of sake to the world of gin? With two special ingredients that come from the long tradition and practice of sake brewing - sake kasu (paste that is left after squeezing rice for sake) and sugi (Japanese cedar used to make sake barrels).

The brewery also selected a wealth of local botanicals that express its traditional bond with nature and will make your drinking experience unforgettable.

Sansho (Japanese Pepper):This lemony and subtly spicy pepper is locally grown in Hyogo and it’s a staple of Japanese cuisine, traditionally used to season broiled eels or as a part of the sichimi togarashi spice blend.

Shiso (Japanese Perilla):This herb, that belongs to the family of mints, is widely used in Japan as a condiment for sashimi, tataki or as a garnish for noodles. It’s also known as Japanese Basil.

Hinoki (Japanese Cypress):A beautiful tree, hinoki is often planted in Japan for ornamental use or employed for the quality of its timber. Like Sugi, hinoki has a lemon scent, but with a spicy note.

Yuzu Juice:This very aromatic and appreciated Japanese citrus - used both in cooking and drinks - adds a special touch to the gin.

Sakura Flower Petals:If you visit Nishinomiya - the brewery's hometown - in spring, you will be amazed by the blossoming cherry trees lining the Shukagawa River. You can also taste them in the gin!

The only non-local ingredient is juniper berries, essential for a gin.

Shukugawa is the name of the most beloved small river in Nishinomiya, Japan (where the Nihonsakari brewery is located). The water power of Shukugawa used to be used for polishing rice. Length of the river is 4.1 km, hence the 41% ABV. You can see Shukugawa river visually through the transparent Sakari Gin on the back side of the bottle.

Luscious and inviting notes of citrus and peppers. In the palate you taste the yuzu and cedar, with a familiar flavour from kasu. Pairs well with bitters for a refreshing cocktail.


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