W Yamadanishiki Platinum

W Yamadanishiki Platinum

W Yamadanishiki Platinum

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W by Watanabe Shuzouten is Hourai's second label. W has 3 meanings; Watanabe, World & Warai (Laughter). Japanese Comedy TV is played to the fermentation tanks so that the sake yeast is happy, the brewery staff are happy, and the customers are happy. Although written as a Junmai-shu, this sake qualifies as a Junmai Daiginjo as the rice used to make this sake is polished to 50%

Highly sophisticated, juicy and fruity sake. Similar to the W Yamadanishiki Junmai but with much more complexity.

Grade Junmai
Polishing Ratio 35%
Rice Type Yamadanishiki
Alcohol 16%
Prefecture Gifu
Brewery Watanabe Shuzo


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