We visit Kamoizumi Sake Brewery in Hiroshima, Japan

On the first stop on the Inter Rice Asia Team visit to Japan, we visit Kamoizumi Brewery in Saijo Town, Hiroshima. 


Kamoizumi was founded by the Maegaki family in 1910. They are very firm in their approach to making Sake, making robust, full flavoured sakes, with lots of umami. Although it is the general practice to charcoal filter all sakes, Kamoizumi skips this step to give their sake more flavour.


We are standing on the roof of their “new” brewery facility, built around 30 years ago. Great view of the Saké town!


There are now direct flights in between Singapore and Hiroshima, and Saijo is only 20mins drive from the Airport!


See the collection of Kamoizumi here!

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