CNY Special: Find The Golden Koi! Event


We are excited to announce that we would be running "Find the Golden Koi" CNY Special Event! Do you think you're "huat" enough to win the Imayotsuka Golden Koi? 

What's so special about the Imayotsukasa Gold Koi Nishikigoi?
1) It's super exclusive, only 84 bottles produced this year, worldwide.
2) We only managed to get our hands on 6 bottles, one of which we are using for this event. 
3) The pottery bottle is dunked in pure gold.
4) the box which holds the bottle is made of handcrafted Paulownia wood. 
5) The characteristics of the sake are kept secret, reserved for those priveleged to taste it. 

How doe the event work?
This is a blind box event where ONE of the 30 boxes contains the Golden Koi worth $670! 

For $98, you would receive 2 random bottles from the sake pool. To ensure fairness, we will pack, shuffle around and seal all 30 boxes on camera before delivering them out. This makes the event double blind, whereby neither the host (us) nor the reciepient (you) would know where the Gold Koi is. 

All Blind boxes will be dispatched and delivered to your doorstep on the 7th day of Lunar New Year, 18th February 2021. 

Video your unboxing of the blind box and tag us on Facebook or Instagram to receive a $10 voucher from us! You can also leave us a review on the event to qualify.

Mai tu liao, you might just be that one lucky person to reel the Gold Koi in!

Sake Pool and its Retail Price : 

1. Imayotsukasa GOLD Koi Nishikigoi - $670

2. Dewazakura Junmai Daiginjo Aiyama - $99

3. Kanemasu Junmai Daiginjo Hatsuhana - $88  

4. Hideyoshi Daiginjo - $84

5. Janpan Sparkling Sake - $80

6. Keigetsu Junmai Daiginjo Nature Sake 2019 - $70

7. Senkin Modern Kamenoo Junmai Daiginjo - $68 

8. Senkin Modern Muku - $64

9. Keiryu Junmai Daiginjo Moon - $62 

10.  Kamoizumi Junmai Ginjo Shusen - $59 

11. Katafune Tokubetsu Honjozo - $55

12. Nihonsakari Yuzu Sake - $47

13. Kamoizumi Junmai Hajime - $43


Terms & Conditions
1) If the event is in popular demand, we reserve the rights to add more boxes to include more people in this event. 
2) Should we run out of the sake from the sake pool due to unforseen circumstances, we will have to replace the bottle with another brand. We will try our best to match the value of the OOS sake and we will update to inform the change.
3) No exchange of boxes are allowed. 
4) The $98 excludes delivery fee of $8. To prevent any foul play, no self collection is allowed. Should you choose self collection during check out, we will contact you to add on a shipping fee. 
5) We just want to run a fun event for CNY! So, all the very best!

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