April 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle

April 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle

April 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle

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Homare Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. is a time-honored sake brewery established in 1918. Since 2013, it has won the gold award for five years in a row in The International Wine Challenge, the world’s most respected blind-taste wine competition. Moreover, its Junmai Daiginjo Black Label received the Champion Sake in 2015 out of 876 bottles got the title of the best sake in the world.

Homare Sake Brewery is in Kitakata city on the foot of Mt. Iide. The brewery was originally established as the Kanou Shuzo in 1918 and changed its name throughout the years before eventually becoming the Aizu Homare Brewery (homare means honour, glory or praise).

Aizu Homare has also been creating new, unique sake varietals utilizing Japanese fruits to appeal to a broader audience, such as the chocolate and lychee nigori, which sold out on our site within a few days of launching. 

  1. Homare Junmai Daiginjo Black Label (U.P. $88): The nose on this International Wine Challenge Grand Champion Trophy winner is a superb collection of melon, grape, mineral water, and strawberry aromas. Have you ever wanted to taste a sake that defines a category? Well this brew is for you! Using Yamadanishiki milled to 39%, get ready for a sake made with just rice and water but tastes like a fruit basket. Smooth, round, and soft. This sexy and alluring Daiginjo is velvet personified. It’s both juicy and watery, slippery and expressive and it excels in a white wine glass.
  2. Homare Junmai Ginjo Karahashi Black Label (U.P. $68): A gorgeous scent that reminds us of apples and tropical fruits. This drink is fresh, balanced with sourness and sweetness, and rich with the refreshing aftertaste which comes from Yamadanishiki rice. It won the Ginjo Trophy at International Wine Challenge 2017.


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