Lagoon Sake Brewery

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    In the northern part of Niigata Prefecture, there is a lagoon named “Fukushimagata”. Fukushimagata Lagoon is a beautiful waterside where the magnificent Gozu mountain range is reflected on the surface of the lake, and the original scenery of Japan from season to season still remains today.

    It is a treasure trove of nature that has been selected as one of Japan's Top 100 Nature Sites, and is the number one destination in Japan for not only swans, but also the bean-eaters, which are a natural monument . In 2021, this brewery was built on the banks of Fukushima Lagoon.

    Lagoon Brewery
    Lagoon Brewery
    6 products
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    Lagoon Sho-ku “Ascend” SAKE Margherita R403
    Lagoon Alcoholic Strawberry Doburoku
    Lagoon Junmai Sho-ku Takanenishiki R309
    Lagoon Junmai Shoku Gohyakumangoku
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