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    Kiminoi is founded in 1842, based on the oldest record remaining in the company's license of sake brewing 128 Koku (about 23,000L) by the feudal lord Sakakibara of the Takada clan. Arai area was prone to fires since the olden days, which resulted in many past records being burned down during the Meiji Era.

    There is no clear record of the origin of the name "Kiminoi" either. However, at the beginning of the Meiji era, there was an event that indicated its origin."Tanaka liquor shop" was changed to "Kiminoi Shuzo Co., Ltd." in 1951. The trade name of the shop was "Tanakaya" or "Sake Tanaka", and the owner succeeded to the name of "Daigoro" from generation to generation.

    The second generation "Tanakaya Daigoro" in the early Showa era took a foresight and positive action.

    In 1928, he introduced an enamel tank, and based his idea on "higher quality rice must be used to improve quality", he purchased a new vertical rice mill and realized high rice polishing. Until then, horizontal rice milling machines had a performance of only 75% for milled rice and only about 65 to 60% even when using powder (limestone powder).

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