Sake of the Week #3 - Sanzen Junmai Ginjo Asahi


Our featured Sake of the Week is Sanzen Junmai Ginjo Asahi.

Watch our in-house sake sommelier, Grace Koh, talk about one of her favourite sakes.

Remember to watch to the end for the bloopers, they are hilarious!

Together with the launch of our Sake of the Week, we are offering 10% off all Sanzen Sakes and doing a Sanzen Sake Giveaway.


We are giving away 1 Sanzen Sake and our limited edition Sake Glass Box Set worth $158 each to 3 winners!
To enter the giveaway:
1. Like and follow our IG page @interriceasia
2. Comment down below your all time favourite sake

We will pick the top 3 comments with the most number of likes❤️ so ask your friends to help you with the likes ❤️!!!
Giveaway will end on 22 May 2359. Winners will be notified through IG dms on 23 May.
*This giveaway is applies only for participants with Singapore Addresses only.*

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  • Carmond Lim

    Sohomare Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo. Sake appreciation is akin to art appreciation. It takes the discerning to truly understand the essence of the masterpiece 😁 I like that behind every sake, there’s a history, culture, art, science, passion & skill. You’ll enjoy it more if you take the time to understand this

  • Daniel Ho

    Latest love. Manotsuru Maho Daiginjo from Niigata.

  • Celine Tan

    Sounds wonderful..I love the taste of sake and how it adds to the umami making Japanese food so delectable.

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