October 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle

October 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle
October 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle

October 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle

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October's sake bundle features the 2nd of 3 new breweries we'll be launching from September to November! Introducing the first brewery from the Miyagi prefecture in our portfolio - Zao.

Zao Shuzo is a sake brewery founded in 1873. The blessings of the land, such as subsoil water from the Zao Mountain Range and the cold wind from the Zao downwind help create their delicous sake. The brewery's current annual saké production is 800 koku. Known for brands such as "Zao" and "Zao Noboriryu," the brewery has been awarded Gold Prizes 29 times at the Annual Japan Saké Awards. Based on this number of awards, that ranks Zao Shuzo 11th nationwide.

  1. Zao Daiginjo (U.P. $108): The brewery considers this sake as its best product. In addition to its gorgeous fruity aroma, you can enjoy a taste of condensed rice flavour and sweetness. It also has a lingering aftertaste. The long low-temperature aging process has locked in the beautiful sweetness of the koji inside the sake. This sake should be drunk moderately chilled in order to enjoy its ginjo aroma.

  2. Zao Junmai Daiginjo Noburi-Ryu (U.P. $80): This Junmai Daiginjo has an elegant fruity aroma and a full-bodied flavour that spreads in the mouth, and has evolved every year since its launch in 2000. The design on the label was created by Isu Kikuta (late Edo period), one of the four great painters of Sendai. We recommend drinking it at room temperature or chilled. Even at room temperature, the aroma is not overpowering and can be changed depending on the food to be served with it, which is another charm of Ascending Dragon. In addition to light Japanese dishes, it goes well with rich dishes in general.
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