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Many people have asked me how to learn more about Japanese Sake. Because of the esoteric labels, people get a little scared off. However, I feel that Japanese Sake is much easier to pick up than wine (I could be biased). 

A great resource for Sake is Podcasts.

A new sake podcast called "Sake Revolution" was started by Timothy Sullivan and John Puma. Timothy is a Sake Samurai based in New York. He worked in Hakkaisan brewery for 1 year, so his overall and technical knowledge of Sake is excellent. John is the founder of, and his passion for sake is insane!

There is another new podcast available “Sugidama Podcast” Based in the UK, Alex is a Sake Enthusiast that frequently writes about Sake on his blog. Interesting perspective!   

The old guard of Sake podcasts is "Sake On Air" This is run by a group of rotating group of knowledgeable Sake Hosts based in Tokyo. Hosts include John Gauntner, Christopher Hughes, Justin Potts, Shuso Imada etc.

So you can just subscribe to these podcasts, and up your sake knowledge during your gym or commute!


written on 27 April 2020

updated on 11th July 2020 



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