Sake Onnomi #12- Chocolate with Sake Pairing

For the 12th theartofsake Sake On-nomi, we will be doing a session pairing chocolates with Japanese Sake. Although the pairing of chocolate with sake may seem unorthodox, on closer viewing, the pairing is not as crazy as first thought. 

1. White Pea Bon Bon 
Fresh White Chocolate, Brass Lion's Butterfly Pea Gin-infused ganache, Earl Grey ganache

Paired with Tsuki no Katsura Tokubetsu Honjozo Nigori

The sake brings out the Lavender/floral flavours of the chocolate while the light effervescence brings out the creamy texture of the pairing.

2. Single Estate Sungai Ruan (Malaysia) 45% Milk Chocolate Bon Bon

Paired with Kojimaya Untitled #1

The smooth and malty chocolate goes very well with the fruity and surprisingly rich sake. The blackcurrant notes of the chocolate is complemented by the Kyoho grape notes of the sake.

3. Single Estate Vung Tau (Vietnam) 72% Dark Chocolate Bon Bon

Paired with Sanzen Junmai Ginjo Asahi

The dried apricot, cinnamon notes synergies with the rice sweetness of the sake, which uplifts the fruity notes. The rummy notes of the chocolate with its pleasant acidity is also accentuated by the sake

4. Single Estate Anaimalai (India) 72% Dark Chocolate Bon Bon

Paired with Kinkon Aged Kijoshu

Prominent notes of raisins and cashew nuts is complemented by the similar notes from the kijoshu, increasing the complexity of the pairing. The chocolate's slight bitterness and astringency combine well with the savouriness of the sake.

5. Calamansi Surprise Bon Bon
Straits Preserve's Tropical Calamansi marmalade, Refreshing Calamansi White Chocolate ganache, Dark Chocolate Popping Candy Almond praline

Paired with Toko Ginjo Umeshu

A Singapore inspired bon bon, the tangy tarty notes are given balance by the rich and velvety sweetness of the multiple award winning umeshu. 

If you are interested in a bigger selection, please visit Benns Ethicoa at


We have 5 x 80ml of sample sakes in a tasting flight together with our selection of 5 different bon bons. This will be available for $55 per set.  For the full bottle set, we will include 5 bottles of sake together with 20 bon bons  at $288 (usual price $368).

We will be running a Zoom Live Video Conference for the Sake On-nomi  on Wednesday, 16 September 2020. The event will start at 8pm. The room will launch at 7:45pm for networking. To join, please purchase our Tasting Set or Full Bottle Set at our website

We will sms/whatsapp you the zoom meeting room on the day before the meeting! Meeting details will also be included in the tasting sets together with the Sake Details and Tasting notes.

Please note: the tasting sets will only be sent out during the late afternoon of the event day. We will bottle the samples that day to keep it as fresh as possible.

See you!

Please purchase your tasting sets at

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