Sake and Snacks Party with DDDK! Onnomi #25

For the 25th theartofsake Sake On-nomi, we’re pairing sake with Don Don Donki snacks! 

Feels like we have come a full circle when we started on-nomi sessions in April last year, born out of the Circuit Breaker arrangements. 

Staying at home (again) can be a drag, so we have planned a series of stuff to make drinking at home a fun experience~

Although there are numerous different foods that are great to pair with sake, it need not be reserved exclusively for sushi or a five-course French dinner. Pairing sake with confections and savoury snacks is equally indulging!

But what makes a good sake and snack combo? We have picked out some of our favourite sips, and selected a few snacks from Don Don Donki to go with. Our favourite is the dried scallops and whelk! 

Take this chance to also ask any questions you have been wanting to ask about complementary and contrast flavour sake pairings. Let the Supper snacks party commence! 

Learn all about it in our upcoming On-nomi #25, happening on the 2nd June 2021, 8pm, on Zoom.

The tasting set will be available at S$48/- 
Purchase your set at   SOLD OUT 

Updates on the event 

It was a very fruitful and engaging zoom event! We were very humbled by the high number of participants. 

(A lot of manual labour and hard work R&D-ing, designing and prepping for the event, everything's DIY here at our office.) 

It seems like the top 3 pairings among the participants were...

Katafune Tokubetsu Honjozo X Wasabi Pistachio 

20:14:27 From M.K. : Very valuable learning… love this pairing - tamara
20:15:02 From M.K. : (For the wasabiç)
20:15:30 From L.D. : I preferred the wasabi
20:15:43 From L.M.L. : Wasabi and sake both quite acidic for me, so it goes well.
20:15:52 From J.O : Loved the pairing with the wasabi
20:16:26 From K.W.: loved the wasabi pairing too

Sakari Junmai Ginjo x Hotate

20:35:07 From L.M.L.: Wow the scallop totally enhances the fragrance of the sake!
20:35:15 From L.D. : this quite nice too. almost as nice as wasabi.
20:35:35 From JV : agree
20:35:41 From J.O. : It is very complementary :-)
20:35:46 From K.W. : really enhanced the taste.
20:36:00 From J.O. : Accentuates the pineapple flavours

Tsuki No Katsura Kasegi Gashira Junmai X Whelk 
20:45:27 From JV : this is very easy to drink
20:45:48 From J.O.: Totally agree.
20:46:56 From JM : love this pairing!
20:47:09 From M.M. : Me too!
20:47:45 From J.O. : It is a very good pairing.
20:48:23 From JS : Hokkaido Whelk
20:48:32 From L.M.L.: Really tasty together!
20:48:42 From JV : agree
20:48:43 From J.T.: the whelk taste like top shell

Sommelier Picks:
Gozenshu Traditional Junmai x Smoked Cheese 
Strong mature flavours of a traditionally brewed sake with high lactic acid goes well with also aged smoked cheese. Best drunk in earthenware such as our DHO Katakuchi set here 

Kawatsuru Junmai Daiginjo Wisdom x Matcha
Deep flavours matches the astringency of green tea 


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