Yamagata Sakamai Theme Bundle

Yamagata Sakamai Theme Bundle
Yamagata Sakamai Theme Bundle

Yamagata Sakamai Theme Bundle

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Yamagata is a prolific creator and marketer of sake rice strains. They have created a Sake Rice suitable for making Junmai Sake (Dewanosato), Ginjo Sake (Dewasansan) and Daiginjo Sake (Yukimegami). Get this bundle to catch 'em all!

Yamagata is home to numerous sake rice strains, and Dewanosato, Dewasansan and Yukimegami are 3 of the more important ones in the prefecture.

Dewanosato was developed in 1994 and is popular due to its large shimpaku, low protein content and relatively low price. It also has a very high rate of shimpaku (~95%) compared to Yamadanishiki (~70%). It is suitable to make Junmai and Honjozo sakes, and sakes made from it have elevated acidity and lower umami.

Dewasansan rice is soft and dissolves well in the fermentation tank. The sake it creates has great rice aromas, depth of flavour and a mild herbal quality. It is well supported by the local breweries and it makes up around 55% of all local sake rice production. Sakes made from it have a DEWA33 trademark, the trademark representing a play of the name of the rice, and also the 33 mountain peaks of Yamagata above 1000m. To meet the criteria of the trademark, sakes must be made with 100% Dewasansan polished to 55% or less. It is a Junmai Ginjo that utilises only Yamagata prefectural yeast and koji-kin. It also have to go through a review board. It even has its own song!

Yukimegami (Snow Goddess) started development in 2001 and was introduced in 2015. It is the fist Daiginjo specific rice, developed to lessen the reliance on Yamadanishiki. It has a high rate of Shimpaku and sakes made from the rice is light and delicate with good complexity.

  1. Dewazakura Junmai Daiginjo Yukimegami 48
    Mild and clean sake with a solid body, good acidity and a a lingering finish. Yukimegami is a new sakamai used only in Yamagata, and was developed as an ideal rice to make Daiginjo-grade sakes. Recommended drunk chilled.
  2. Dewazakura Junmai Ginjo Dewasansan
    Polished to Daiginjo levels, this sake is a great example of a Yamagata Junmai Ginjo. To qualify for its DEWA33 label, it must be at least a junmai ginjo polished to 55%. It must also be made using Dewasansan, a Yamagata-only rice, and yamagata yeast. Rich floral aroma with notes of sakura flowers, pear and cotton candy. On the palate, creamy texture with flavours of peach and green apple, finishes fresh and rounded with a dry lingering taste.
  3. Dewazakura Junmai Dewanosato
    Dewanosato is the Yamagata's original rice which had produced with the aim of becoming the best quality Junmai Sakamai. Crisp, clear and full of flavor. A youthful, dry style Sake with umami notes on the nose. Fresh green apple and spice, with a rich, soft mouth feel and good balance. Perfect Umami and acidity balance. Recommended drunk at room temperature or warm.
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Samuel M.
Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product

Nice sake that i tried previously

Been skiing at Yamagata, tried the sake there previously

Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product

1st time buyer of sake

The taste of sake for a 1st time buyer was awesome, love the after taste with fruity scent. Another thing to compliment is the fast delivery which only takes less than 2 days after order submitted online.

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