September 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle

September 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle
September 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle

September 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle

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September's sake bundle features the 1st of 3 new breweries we'll be launching from September to November! Be amongst the first in Singapore to try sake from a brewery that we've had our eyes on for the past year - Ichinoya.

Omachi City, where the brewery is located, is at the foot of the Northern Alps, and the "Onna-no Shimizu" used for brewing water comes from a spring in the 900-meter-high mountain village of Iyani-Sato. The melted snow water flowing from the mountains of the Northern Alps is naturally filtered. The area around the pond in Iyari-ri, where the spring water gushes out, is lush with vegetation, a kind of green dam, which acts as a natural filtration material, slowly filtering the water over a long period of time and allowing it to gush out prodigiously onto the ground. The water is delicious even when drunk as it is, and is carefully handcrafted into sake using luxurious Nagano Prefecture's original sake rice such as Miyamanishiki, Hitogochi, Yamae Nishiki, and Shirakaba Nishiki grown in the local Omachi City and Nagano Prefecture.

The flavour of the water changes as it flows through different paths. As time goes by, the mineral content of the water changes, and the water not only tastes good, but also has a different sweetness and dignity when you hold it in your mouth. The existence of water with different hardness is the treasure of this place. Therefore, instead of the stereotype that sake should be made with soft water, Ichinoya selects, chooses, and harmonizes the water to suit the sake we envision. The brewery sometimes combine water from diverse sources, creating a water assemblage, resulting in an unique taste in the sake.

  1. Ichinoya Ryusuisen Omi (U.P. $82): Fresh aromas of grapes and pears at first sip. Then, a mild sweetness slowly envelops the tongue. Finishes with slight mineral astringency. Perfect for a mealtime drink to be paired with light seafood dishes such as octopus carpaccio.

  2. Ichinoya Junmai Ginjo Shinsei (U.P. $78): Aromas of ripe melon, pineapple, persimmon and herbs mixed with floral Ginjo notes. Clear and smooth mouthfeel, crisp acidity and sweetness of rice are gently spread on the tongue. A great mid-meal sake.
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