November 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle

November 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle

November 2023 Sake Discovery Bundle

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November's sake bundle features the 3rd of 3 new breweries that just arrived in our warehouse. 36 Guardians from Sakata City, Yamagata.

Approximately 900 years ago, a family built a golden capital in the north-eastern part of Japan. Their prosperity lasted 100 years until they were destroyed by the central government. In the war, 36 samurai and one princess escaped and settled in Sakata City in Yamagata Prefecture. The descendants of the 36 samurai established the coastal trade in Sakata City, the location of Kikuisami Co., Ltd. The port of Sakata grew to become one of the biggest ports in Japan in the latter half of the 17th century. The "36 Guardians" brand was created to honour their achievement.

  1. 36 Guardians Daiginjo Hiten (U.P. $125): A fragrant Ginjo aroma soars to the heavens. Polished to 35%, Hiten is exquisite in its uniqueness, and the scent of alcohol is truly subtle, despite being a Daiginjo. Elegant and mellow. Regarded by the brewery as its greatest masterpiece.

  2. 36 Guardians Junmai Soten (U.P. $58): The smooth aroma and aftertaste are as clear as the sky reflected on the surface of the water. The 65% rice polishing ratio has been achieved to create a refreshing taste that never gets old. Made in Yamagata Prefecture, So-ten is a native sake with Yamagata yeast, water, rice and devoted hands from Shonai.
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