World Chocolate Day with Sake On-nomi #27

For the 27th theartofsake Sake On-nomi, we are bringing back the all popular chocolate and sake pairing with a line up of new chocolate flavours and sakes! And surprise, surprise, it's the first time we are doing 6 pairings in a session instead of 5.  

Come celebrate World Chocolate Day with us and experience for yourself how Japanese Sake lends a new medley of flavours to the already choco-licious bon bons!

In this session, we are collaborating with Mr Bucket Chocolaterie again, previously known as Bennsethicoa. They are known to source ingredients sustainably from the Asian region to create delicious chocolate treats. From Single Origin Chocolates to the all-time-favourite Sea Salt Caramel bon bon, their flavours are constantly inspired by everyday conversations and the community around them. 

We have very limited seats available this time so hurry and get your tasting set/ticket to join On-nomi #27, happening on the 14th July 2021, 8pm, on Zoom.

Your Sake On-nomi set will include:
1) a sake tasting flight of 6 x 70ml bottles
2) a box of 6 chocolate Bon Bon from
3) a placemat containing sake tasting notes and Zoom details
4) An hour's session with our in-house educator, Adrian Goh and our guest speaker, Jerome Penafort  

Chocolate & Sake Pairing:
1) Earl Grey Bergamot x Kamoizumi Junmai Ginjo Namagenshu Rockhopper
2) Tea & Biscuit x Gozenshu Tougai Omachi 50 Nama
3) Sea Salt Caramel x Sakari Junmi Ginjo
4) Single Origin 64% Panchor Dark x Kawatsuru Junmai Daiginjo Wisdom
5) Spirited: Dark Pahit x Sanzen Junmai Daiginjo Omachi
6) ) Strawberry Rhubarb x Kawatsuru Strawberry Nigori

The tasting set will be available at S$65, Purchase here Sold out! 

Update: Here's the Poll results for the event!

Sanzen Junmai Daiginjo Omachi once again proved to be the ultimate crowd pleaser with its Mandarin Orange & Pomelo Notes synergising with the Candied Orange Peels & Lemon Caramel of the Dark Pahit. 

20:45:30 From  H.L.N.F: this combo is a winner. super complex.
20:53:47 From  D.D.M : This is my fav Brass Lion Gin. :)
20:56:54 From  K.C. : the pairing is phenomenal
21:14:19 From  D.G. : For the alcoholics among us, Mr Bucket some really great alcohol infused bon bons

Shop Sanzen Junmai Daiginjo Omachi here!

The Sake that stirred the most commotion was definitely the seasonal limited edition Kawatsuru Strawberry Nigori ! It was an exclusive sake and the participants of this session were the first to try it.

21:01:03 From  A.I. : Pairing #6 is strawberry Kit Kat heaven
21:02:20 From  H.L.N.F. : its like the sake is the liquid version of the choc
21:02:23 From  KY.K : One fruit 2 textures
21:03:08 From A.I. : The textures of the #6 sake & chocolate really work well together
21:03:33 From K.W. : its a really good drink. but kinda don't taste like sake. haha.
21:03:57 From SYR : I'll choose this over fruit juice any day hahaha
21:04:30 From G.G.: If you’re replacing fruit juice with this I think you have a drinking problem LOL
21:04:32 From J.M. : fav pair!
21:04:53 From K.W. : don't act like you don't have a drinking problem G.G.
21:05:06 From J.M. : SYR, i will worry for your liver!
21:05:24 From G.G. : XD

Shop Kawatsuru Strawberry Nigori here!

All in all, the choco bon bon and sakes were both top-notch and it was a very enjoyable, serotonin filled session! 

21:05:10 From  M.M.: Pairings were great! Thank you for this great experience !
21:14:33 From  K.C. : thanks for the wonderful chocolates and sake. enjoyable evening :) cheers!

Now, we await Mr Bucket's sake-infused bonbon kekeke.



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