IRA Spring Sake Warehouse Sale 2020

We are doing a scaled down version of our usual crazy sake warehouse sale on Sat and Sun, 14/15 March 2020 from 12nn to 6pm.

In view for the safety of our customers, we will limit the numbers of customers to 10 in the warehouse at any one time. Please get free tickets at

We have slots of 1 hour for maximum 10people at one time. Please only purchase 1 timeslot per person.


In conjunction with International Women's Day on March 8th, we decide to focus our theme this Warehouse sale to Sake Breweries with strong women influences!

Women was not even allowed into sake brewery until the 1960s. Currently there are only around 50 breweries, out of over 1200 sake breweries, who have a female sake brewer.

We are proud to represent 5 sake breweries with either a female sake brewer, or a female owner. We believe that women, although the minority, are making a big impact on the sake industry. Kanpai!


For the try before you buy experience, we are keeping each session very casual. We have many knowledgeable staff that will be able to answer almost all your sake questions. You would be able to try at least 15-20 sakes! There will be a storewide 15% discount, and some special sakes will be discounted up to 50%!


Our Female Breweries.

Nadagiku Shuzo - Himeiji, Hyogo

Nadagiku has a female master brewer, Misa Kawaishi. She is still young at 36 years, but she has had more than 12 years of brewing experience, 10 of those as head brewer.

Obata Shuzo - Sado Island, Niigata

Manotsuru has a female president, Rumiko Obata. She have a executive role in the Sake Association, and works hard promoting Japanese Sake overseas. She also have 2 girls, Maho and Miku.

Kawatsuru Shuzo - Kagawa

Kawatsuru has a female Toji (master brewer), Miki Fujioka. The president also has two children, both girls, so the future president will probably be a woman as well.

Ayu Masamune Shuzo - Myoko, Niigata

The president of this sake brewery, Mr Tomihiko Iiyoshi, keeps it in the family. Both his wife and his 2 daughter work in the brewery, and one of his daughters takes the role of Toji.

Tsuji Honten - Katsuyama, Okayama

Gozenshu has a brother/sister team, Soichiro & Maiko Tsuji, who are the seventh generation brewers. Soichiro is the president, while Maiko is the master brewer.


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