IRA First Zoom Sake Video Nomikai - Dewazakura

Last night, we ran our first online sake video conference with Dewazakura Sake.

It was a great success and we had 29 participants! Thank you very much for joining us. 

This is the list of sakes that we all tried together, ordered from

dewazakura tasting set

1. Dewazakura Junmai Dewanosato
2. Dewazakura Ginjo Izumi Judan
3. Dewazakura Junmai Ginjo Tsuyahime
4. Dewazakura Junmai Daiginjo Yukimegami 48
5. Dewazakura Junmai Daiginjo Yukimegami 35 Competition Sake

Not only did we learn that Junmai Ginjo Tsuyahime went well with oysters, we also learnt that the Ginjo Izumi Judan went well with Cigars! Who would have thought!

Regular Weekly Sake On-nomi

Moving forward, we would like to carry on our online nomikai every week! 
SG Sake Wednesdays at 8pm! 

We will run 2 different types of sessions. Casual Sessions where you drink your own sakes, and guided Sake Tastings like what we ran last night.

Casual Sessions will be run with my personal zoom account without passwords.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 555 333 0073

Guided Tastings will have a separate meeting room with password, this login information will be provided inside the tasting set of that week!

Dewazakura On-nomi

Discounts on Dewazakura Sakes on our website

After this on-nomi, I'm sure many of you have your favourite Dewazakura sakes We will be extended a 15% discount on all dewazakura sakes until Monday 12noon, 20 April 2020.

Until next week, Kanpai!


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