Beginner's Guide to Japanese Sake On-nomi #28


For the 28th theartofsake Sake On-nomi, we are doing a special sake crash course for anyone interested in an introduction to Japanese Sake !

Raise your glass if you…

1) Keep buying the same sake bottle over and over because there are way too many options and you’re afraid of picking a bad one
2) Feel like it’s a total shot in the dark every time you try something new
3) Wish you knew enough to describe what you like to a restaurant staff
4) Feel embarrassed about how little you when you’re around your sake savvy friends
5) Wonder how people tell the difference between a "Yamadanishiki" and "Omachi" sake - and which one you’d like more if you could tell the difference
6) Love sake and wish you knew more about it. Plain and simple!

Join our Sake On-nomi #28, happening on the 28th July 2021, 8pm, on Zoom, for a beginner-friendly yet comprehensive introduction to sake! 

For S$38,your Sake On-nomi set will include:
1) a sake tasting flight of 5 x 70ml bottles
2) a placemat containing sake tasting notes and Zoom details
3) A handout of the most important information
4) An hour's session with our in-house educator, Vincent Zheng

Sake Selection:
1) Kiminoi Honjozo Josen
2) Imayotsukasa Junmai
3) Gozenshu Junmai 1859 Bodaimoto
4) Hideyoshi Junmai Daiginjo
5) Kiminoi Junmai Daiginjo Yamahai

Introductory topics that we will cover:
1) The History of Sake
2) Reading of Sake Labels
3) Different rice varieties
4) Serving temperatures and storage
5) How to taste sake properly & Food Pairing Tips

The Zoom Live Video Conference for the Sake On-nomi will be held on Wednesday, 28th July 2021. The event will start at 8pm. The room will launch at 7:45pm for networking. To join, please purchase our Tasting Set at our website. If you have any issues, please whatsapp us +65 8855 0073.

Please note: the tasting sets will only be sent out during the late afternoon of the event day. We will bottle the samples that day to keep it as fresh as possible.


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