The Art Of Sake x Dirty Hands Only

In this Dirty Hands Only (DHO) collaboration with The Art of Sake, we’ve worked together to bring you 3 series made in the katakuchi bowls.

The katakuchi of the kanji is “片口”. It means “a mouth on one side”. 

Choose from 3 colours:
Caspian- inspired by DHO's love for the ocean and her favourite band
Apollo- inspired by the setting sun
Paddlepop- inspired by DHO's childhood favourite ice cream

Limited Edition Item, one batch only, 10 of each colour, while stock last at! Purchase here.

*Note that every katakuchi set made by Dirty Hands Only would vary slightly in sizing and design/pattern as it is hand made. 

The No. 1 Rule of drinking sake, "Never pour sake for yourself!" 

This is what the Katakuchi is for - to pour sake in sake cups so small that you have to keep refilling for your friends. That way, you can have more interaction with your mates! The sake cups are called Guinomi, came from the onomatopoeia "gui gui" (drink a lot). 

So why pick a Katakuchi + Guinomi for drinking sake?

When a sake is not so aromatic, it will actually taste better in a Guinomi. For example, a Junmai is more focused on body, richness, and acidity rather than the aroma.  

The aesthetics of a cup plays a very important play in your sake experience. When you drink a clean and delicate Junmai Daiginjo, the thin glass rim will evoke that elegance. 

As Junmai is not delicate, we do not need a thin lip on the cup. We want a thicker lip to distribute the sake all around your mouth. The earthenware will give a durable, comforting and warm aesthetic.  

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